How to work at Amazon
How to work at Amazon

How to work at Amazon 2024

Amazon is one of the largest companies worldwide founded by Jeff Bezos. Many people want to work at Amazon. The retail giant pays its employees one of the highest salaries in the logistics industry. It also includes various benefits such as career development plans, fringe benefit plans and private insurance. A company-specific job website has been created for Amazon where you can find all the jobs, specific locations, and distribution centers in your area.

If you don’t have a professional resume template, we provide you with free resume templates that companies request to find a job.

Steps to work at Amazon

  1. You will need to register with your email address and password, and log in to Amazon Jobs with your new account. Also, jobs are advertised from external job portals such as InfoJobs or LinkedIn which requires registration and filling in all the training data in order to submit the offer and have Amazon view your profile.
  2. After applying for the Amazon job from their website or from external job portals, they will contact you to have a phone interview in which they will ask you all your experience, qualifications and assess whether you are valid for the position you are applying for. You will be able to submit your resume to Amazon for current positions such as delivery driver or telecommuting from home.
  3. Then, after the phone interview if they like you, you will go on to a face-to-face interview where they will meet you in person and go into more technical information for the position you are applying for with a specialized worker in the field.
  4. Finally, if you pass all the interviews, you will have been selected and you will have your new job.

Requirements to work at Amazon

Be at least 18 years old.
Have the minimum education and experience for the position you are applying for.
Live in the locality where you are going to work and reside legally.

Working conditions at Amazon

Working hours will depend on the position you are applying for:

  • Shift schedules. Shifts are worked from morning to afternoon (07:00h to 15:00h), afternoon to evening (15:00h to 23:00h) or from evening to early morning (23:00h to 06:30h),
  • Fixed working hours for office staff are from 08:00h to 17:00h.

Salaries and vacations will depend on the position applied for:

Software Engineer 136,049 $/year gross

Warehouse worker 37,800 $/year gross

Warehouse Associate 36.746 $/year gross


The contracts offered are temporary or permanent depending on the job and the qualifications required.

Social benefits in health with health insurance, paid vacations or employee participation with their shares or savings plans.

How to become an Amazon delivery person

Amazon already employs 800,000 people worldwide. By which they invest to make their employees more successful to develop skills and capabilities to advance their careers. Currently, Amazon has a lot of problems with its employees for their poor working conditions that they have been protesting these last years. Each country changes, but in most cases many Amazon workers around the world denounce these bad conditions that are making known the reality of the brand.

So take note with everything we have indicated, so that you value what most interests you, find job stability and good acceptable working conditions.

How to work at Amazon from home

Countries and continents where Amazon employs

Jobs for Amazon are available in the following countries and continents:

Washington, Canada, California…


Colombia, Mexico, Brazil…


Germany, Spain, Italy…


United Arab Emirates, Egypt, India…


China, Japan, Australia…